Saturday, 17 November 2012

Russian Martial Arts Festival 2012

Autumn is the time for Vadim Kolganov's now famous Russian Martial Arts Festival. Held in Kilmarnock, Scotland each year it has grown and grown. This year is the third time the event has been held and saw fighters from England, Scotland, Ukraine, Russia and more making it a true international feel.

The idea behind the festival is simple: Vadim and I have trained and studied in many styles of fighting from Russia; now that I represent RAF I push our sport side of the system and also support other styles of combat not only RAF.

This year the festival consisted of RAF British championship Weapons triathlon (bayonet, knife and stick); Army hand-to-hand combat and a kettle bell snatch competition with 12kg, 16kg, 20kg and 24 kg weights.

The weapons had a Master’s as well as a senior’s event. This was hard fought and well received with some great battles. The final was won with a one point victory over the three weapons leaving me in silver place to Vadim Kolgonov’s first place; a true close final with the best man winning on the day.

The senior’s too was close fought; my son finding the same result as his father - losing by 1 point. Congratulations go to the gold medallist, Dave Allen. What came across to those that were unfamiliar with such skill was the speed in which the fights took pace.

Tom got his revenge in the ARB with a good fight between himself and Dave winning by points. But again Tom lost out in the final, losing on points himself; he was out boxed by the more experienced champion.

The heavy weight ARB saw MMA's Roman Ship taking the gold in a well measured and clinical victory.

Kettle Bell Sport?

Not something I had looked at before but this was a very popular event. The sportsmen and women chose their weighted kettle bells then for 8 minutes proceeded to see how many snatches they could perform. It was ladies first with men following; this is a truly gruelling sport of skill and strength.

Here are the results; of course there are many people to thank, but for me the people that stand out on the day....

Tom Richardson, my son, competed in all events taking two silver medals and a bronze - hardcore at just 20 years of age.

Roman Ship, who fights in MMA but rarely does mixed martial arts, doesn’t just stay safely within the confines of today’s MMA but is out there testing his skills in all formats. Congratulations on his recent European BJJ gold too.

And of course Vadim Kolganov, who made it all happen; not only did he organise the event he took part, winning two gold medals as well!

Weapons thriathlon, Masters:
1. Vadim Kolganov
2. Darrin Richardson
3. Leigh Till
4. Adam Lindhop

Weapons triathlon, Seniors:
1. Dave Allan
2. Tom Richardson
3. Steve Tang
4. Sean Moore

ARB (army hand to hand combat) - 85 kg
1. Sergie Seleznev
2. Tom Richardson
3. Dave Allan
4. Thomas McConel

ARB (army hand to hand combat) - 95 kg
1.Roman Shipovalov ( Ship)
2. Sean Moore
3. Tomas Tubelskis

Kettle bell challenge - 8 min Snatch lift, 12kg Kettlebell
1. Debbie Wilson (163 reps)
2. Laura Ramsay (122 reps)
3. Tash Walker. (117 reps)
4. Gayle Mclauchlan (111reps)

16kg Kettlebell
1. Terence McGill (90 reps)
2. Laura White (147 reps)
3. Gordon Ross (50 reps)

20kg Kettlebell
1. Vadim Kolganov (59 reps)
2. Reece Evans (135 reps)
3. Leigh Till (90 reps)
4. Tom Richardson (46 reps)

24 kg kettlebell
1. Scott Mclauchlan

Chest I Slava!


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