Monday, 20 May 2013

The fight for my life....

Dear Readers,

To start I must apologise for my long, long absence. I will tell you the story and how it relates to my beloved Russian All-Round Fighting….

December 26th I was at work when hit with terrible stomach cramps; this is a result of past operations which have caused scars inside my body called 'adhesions'; these scars can wrap around a person’s insides and block the body’s organs. This has happened many times to me in the past, it is treated with bed rest, starvation and pain relief.

It got to 31st December with no lessoning of the pain, so an operation was decided upon and overnight a six hour operation freed all the adhesions.

A week passed with usual hospital life, all friends and family were pleased and it seemed the worry was over. Seven days later I spent the day feeling as doom was hanging over me.

That evening, and I will spare the details in full, after I strained my stomach to vomit a 40cm scar sealed with staples burst open, with contents bursting out!

After some three hours of holding myself together I was put to sleep. I awoke some three or four days later in intensive care. After a time the memory of my life and what had happened came back and I was calmed.

Shortly after, like an apparition, one of my best friends and students appeared. I thought I was seeing things. No, he was there my phone in hand. 'Who do I need to call?’ he said. So everyone who needed to know was told I was alive and had awoken.

They had operated twice to save my life resulting in an open wound that was the size of a dinner plate and so deep that you could see my ribs in my back. I won’t go on about the medical details much more.

Days in, months in… after three months in my original hospital in
Watford I was transferred nearer home to Portsmouth. At the time of writing - April 23rd – I’m home, still a hole in my stomach still fighting the day to day problems.

Six months after the original procedure they will, I hope, put me back to normal. More surgical work, more risk, more pain and more worry for my loved ones.

Why is this RAF? Of course without the strength and fitness I had I would surely be dead. Now that’s easy to read but think about your life?
How would it affect your family if you were to go? So think you don’t feel like training tonight? This can affect not only your performance as a fighter but God forbid fighting for your life in other circumstances.

This is my main point, training, fitness, and strength is a life-long goal not just a few short years. RAF is for LIFE as I hope I proved here.

Thanks to all my family and friends around the world, you also gave me the will to fight on and get better; have no fear after this rest I will be back, bigger and harder than when we last met, so stand back!

My son Tom as always my love

Chest I Slava!

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