Friday, 29 June 2012

Hello and Welcome...

Hi Everyone,

I am happy to say I was invited here to write a blog; it is an honour for me to write my thoughts and for you sportsmen and women to read them.

First I will run through things I have trained in, some to lesser or greater extent. I should add I have been active for 38 years, I am now aged 46.
I began in a type of karate/kung fu called Kong Chang in the 70’s. I then trained in Japanese ju-jitsu and kick boxing.

After a time I joined the then radical and free thinking BCA (British Combat Association). I still have lots to thank them for all these years later. That must have been 20 years ago. Through the BCA I trained in so many styles and met some of the best people involved in those days also I met some of the worst to be honest!

I was indeed lucky to attend a seminar with Vadim Kolganov in Russian Sambo; this was my introduction to Russian Martial arts. I trained with Vadim for many years (he is now my best and closest friend). I was also introduced to Matt Clempner of the federation of Russian Martial Arts here in the UK.

Before I knew where I was I found myself in Russia training and competing. I then entered a time when I fought in all I could. I got to travel to 27 countries winning and losing many fights. I gained lots of knowledge through this. I didn’t keep a count of how many fights I had as there were too many.

Over time I found the RAF (Russian All-Round Fighting). I first saw clips on YouTube and I liked the style from the first. I found contact details and wrote to them. Over a period of time and training my son, Tom, and I gained the Rank of Master of Sport in RAF. We fought in the championships in Moscow resulting in Tom winning his weight.

My involvement in RAF has lead me to teach seminars in Russia, USA and the UK and I have the honour of being awarded Honoured Coach of RAF.
I now spend 1 to 2 hours a day training in RAF and helping spread this remarkable system across the world.

It will be a pleasure to reveal more about the system along with other experiences I have had with the best and worst of Martial arts in the coming editions.

Chest I Slava


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